Jarrett Pellicane Dance Instructor

Jarrett’s dance career began when he was eight years old being black mailed by his mother, who was a dance instructor out of college, to dance with all her friends to stay up later a parties they hosted. 


Never expecting to touch a dance floor again his appreciation for the sport lunched upon entering an Arthur Murry studio at 16. Finding his passion early on in life, he competed as an amateur in NSDC competitions around the U.S. claiming multiple champion scholarship titles in Smooth and International Latin through out his last

few years of high school and college.


Upon graduating in the Fall of 2019 at 22 years old, with a bachelors in business management and a minor in psych, Jarrett’s call to return his roots was too strong to detour him from any other path in life that wasn’t racing toward a dancefloor; and on February 23 Jarrett Joined the dance family of Vard Margaryan at La Imperial.

Jarrett, under Vard’s tutelage, is seeking to return to the competitive side of ballroom dancing as a professional and hops to one day

open a studio of his own.

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