About Our Studio

Welcome to La Imperial Dance studio located in beautiful Lake Mary, where we specialize in social ballroom dancing for all ages and levels. Our studio offers a wide range of dance classes including private lessons, group classes, special occasion dance lessons and social parties.


We strive to provide a positive environment for students to:

. Develop and improve their dance skills

. Have fun

. Build confidence

. Improve mental and physical health

. Expand social connections

. Discover the joy dancing can bring into their lives


Whether you are a beginner or have an experience we are here to help inspire and identify your dance style in a relaxing, and friendly atmosphere.


It's never too early or late to start dancing. Start your dance journey with us today!

One might ask, why dance? The question you should answer is why not? Aside from perhaps achieving a lifelong goal, placing a check mark next to a bucket list item, or simply seeking a fuller social life, dancing has some amazing benefits that you may not know about. 


Per the Berkley Wellness article, The Many Health Benefits of Dancingdancing has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress and boost self-esteem, body image, coping ability, and overall sense of well-being, with the benefits lasting over time. 


In addition, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article linking leisure activities such as dancing, to the prevention of dementia. Further, the only physical activity to offer protection against dementia was frequent dancing!


Aside from these amazing benefits, dance has been a part of our societal culture for centuries and brings all walks of life together while forming a supportive dance community. We invite you to visit us at our studio to learn more and start your dance journey with us. 

Benefits Of Dancing


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